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Silene graminifolia Otth

Prodr. [A. P. de Candolle] 1: 368. 1824 [mid Jan 1824], 1824
ID: 31 | IPNI
== Silene jenisseensis var. graminifolia (Otth) Y.C.Chu, in Clavis Pl. Chinae Bor.-Or. ed. 2 (ed. P.Y. Fu): 159 (1995), 1995
=Silene sobolevskajae Czerep., Sosud. Rast. SSSR 171 (1981), nom. nov., 1981 Basionym: Silene pubistyla L.H.Zhou, Fl. Xizang. 1: 734 (1983)., 1983 Type: ,
= Silene schischkinii Sobolevsk., Sist. Zametki Mater. Gerb. Krylova Tomsk. Gosud. Univ. Kuybysheva 1-2: 2. 1953, 1953 Type: Russia, ”Tuvinskaya ASSR. Mongun-Tayganskiy r-n, khrebet Chikhacheva, mezhdu perevalami Axkhatudaba i KAra-emata, alpinskiy lug, 5.VIII 1947, K.A.Sobolevskaya”, Sobolevskaja 1947.VIII LE , holo
= Silene stylosa Bunge, in Ledeb. Fl. Alt. ii. 144., Type: Ledebour 659 LE , lectotypified by Lazkov, G A (1997). The critical notes on the genus Silene (Caryophyllaceae) in Siberia. Botaniceskij zurnal. 82:1: 108-112
= Silene jenisseensis var. viscifera Y.C.Chu, in Fl. Plant. Herb. Chinae bor. -or., 3: 227 (1975)., 1975 Type: ,

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Reference: Zhou L., Wu Z.-Y., Lidén, M. & Oxelman, B. (2001). Silene (110 spp.). In Wu Zhengyi & P. H. Raven (eds). Flora of China. 6: 66-100
Silene graminifolia Otth in de Candolle, Prodr. 1: 368. 1824. ∫Ó∂”¨◊”≤› he ye ying zi cao Silene jenisseensis Willdenow var. viscifera Y. C. Chu; ?S. pubistyla L. H. Zhou; S. stylosa Bunge; ?S. tenuis Willdenow. Herbs perennial, 15–50 cm. Roots robust, multi-crowned. Stems caespitose, erect, slender, simple, glabrous or pubescent at base, apically viscid. Basal leaves numerous, linear-oblanceo-late, thin, 2–8(–10) cm × 2–4.5 mm, ciliate, base attenuate into short petiole, apex acute; cauline leaves 2 or 3 pairs, sessile, ciliate, base slightly connate, clasping. Flowers in a racemiform thyrse; cymules opposite, with a solitary flower; peduncles very short. Pedicel shorter or nearly as long as calyx, slender, gla-brous; bracts ovate-lanceolate, margin membranous, ciliate. Calyx narrowly campanulate, 7–10 × 2–3 mm, glabrous. An-drogynophore 2–3 mm, glabrous. Petal claws narrowly oblan-ceolate, long ciliate, limbs exserted beyond calyx, white, deeply bifid to middle; lobes linear, apex obtuse; coronal scales mi-nute. Stamens and styles exserted. Styles 3. Capsule ovoid, 7–8 mm. Seeds dark brown, reniform, ca. 1 mm. Fl. Jun–Jul, fr. Aug. Mountain grasslands; 1600–4200 m. Nei Mongol, Xinjiang [Ka-zakstan, Mongolia, Russia]. Komarov (in Fl. URSS 6: 626) stated that the type of Silene ten-uis, a name very often applied to plants in this group, does not corres-pond to “…the Siberian plant [Silene graminifolia Otth] and belongs to some other species.” It is imperative that the identity of S. tenuis is settled.

Comment: The distinction between S. graminifolia and S. jenissensis is not clear. In Russian literature, S. graminifolia is described as having campanulate calyx, whereas S. jenisseensis has a cylidrical (smaller?). S. graminifolia may also have longer exserted stamens and styles (?) and higher ratio internode length/leaf length, and flat leaves for a projected central nerve beneath. The G-DC type confirms well to this, but S. stylosa is more compact, with few stem internodes, subulate leaves, and many leaf remnants basally. Adapted to more alpine environments aor just a phenotypic modification?

Superordinate taxon: Silene sect. Graminiformes Lazkov (ID: 1087)

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